Re Fried Beans

Re Fried Beans great with breakfast or any other meal easy to make and much better than the tinned version.


Rinse the Beans and pick out stones or spoiled beans, Add Beans and Bacon to a Large Saucepan cover with about 75mm of water bring to the boil then simmer for about 3 hours till the Beans are tender keep topping up water to keep Beans covered. Meanwhile cook the onions with the lard in a large frying pan till nice and brown, empty the beans with liquid into your frying pan and using a potato masher mash the Beans until they are the consistency you like. If they are to dry just slowly add water till to your liking. I like my Beans to be moist but not runny. You can garnish with some grated Cheddar and Sliced Jalapenos


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