I am Fat and I cook


My name is Marten I owned and ran a small Diner in Gosport Hampshire.

I specialize in Cooking Mexican, Caribbean and Belize food  with a large range of Pulled Pork dishes. I Loved trying out new recipes on my customers. I have now retired and to fill my days I keep my hand in cooking up tasty food, and coming up with new ways to cook the food I love in a home kitchen.

Pulled Pork Roll
Cochinita Pibil Roll

In this Blog I will try to give any one who is interested in making great tasting food some insights into how I make it happen.

To cook my Pork I use Slow cookers and a spice mixture to give great taste, the Pork is cooked overnight till fall apart tender. I always use Pork Shoulder which to me gives the best taste and texture.

If you want to try some of the Food I cook I do offer an on line shop for those who can’t visit the Diner.

My recipes are simple and are perfectly  easy for an average cook to master. So If you like some taste in your food just follow the Fat Bloke who Cooks.

Stop Press:- I am selling Mexican/Caribbean street food at Markets in Hampshire and West Sussex currently Fareham on Mondays and Eastleigh on Thursdays but I am looking for more venues burritopapa




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