Borough Market

I visited Borough Market on Tuesday the guys who were selling the produce were doing a great job in promoting their wares and I did buy several items for later consumption. However the food vendors not so good, I decided to try the Hogroast Pork Roll, I wish I had gone with my first choice the Slow cooked lamb but they had a big line of hungry people , and the Hogroast man had none, I should have twigged the Pork was tough, cold and tasteless the dollop of apple sauce was insipid and the roll chewy it was that bad I binned it and for me to bin food it has got to be bad. I think maybe these guys have got complacent and stopped trying to provide good food with taste.

So if you want to have yourself a great Pork Roll follow this simple recipe:-

I always slow cook my Pork we serve up 10 to 15 kilos of Pork  a day in TKsnax and this is how i do it.

Get yourself around 2 kilos of shoulder Pork and remove the skin save it for later. Rub over with a mixture of Salt, Pepper, Garlic Granules and Smoked Paprika, then pop into your slow cooker add water to about half way up the Pork then cook on low overnight.

In the morning turn off your cooker leave for around an hour to cool down a bit then remove shred the Pork and take out the large bits of fat. Once shredded rub in some salt, pepper and smoked paprika and let sit in a covered plastic container in a cool place or eat straight away. 2 kilos will make you around 15 to 20 well filled rolls. You can cook up the Skin for some nice crackling just rub the skin with some cider vinegar then sprinkle with a little salt, cook for around an hour at 200 degs check the progress after about 40 mins when it looks nice and crunchy but not burnt its ready. Break it up and chow down.

Pulled Pork Roll
Nice Pulled Pork with some tasty BBQ Sauce


Its not difficult to make a really tasty meal with a bit of time and care.


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