Belizean style Stew Chicken

When ever I go to Belize I always make sure that I sample Stew Chicken its the national dish and very very tasty. Served with Rice and Beans some fried Plantain and Slaw blooming lovely. Served in every household all taste slightly different but all are delish so why not try some out.   Ingredients […]

Caribbean Style Mac n Cheese

Mac n Cheese Caribbean Style rich thick and creamy this is just so tasty. Easy to make just follow the instructions. Ingredients for 6 portions:- Dried Macaroni or any Pasta tube Cheese Sauce Mix 500 grms Grated Cheese Salt 1 tsp Large Tin Evaporated Milk 2 tablespoons Made English Mustard Chilli Flakes Onion Diced Tomato […]